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Your Nuun Podium Series 6 Workout Pack comes in a Caffeinated and Caffeine Free Version (you choose)


  • 6x Nuun Prime - Orange
  • 6x Nuun Endurance - Strawberry Lemonade
  • 6x Nuun Recover - Lemonade

Caffeine Free

  • 6x Nuun Prime - Fresh Berry
  • 3x Nuun Endurance - Lemon Lime
  • 3x Nuun Endurance - Citrus Mango
  • 6x Nuun Recover - Blackberry Lemon

Nuun's Podium Series is the first complete system of Pre, During, and Post products that are super simple for you to use. Drink 1 before, 1 during, and 1 after your workout. That's it, don't think too much about it, make up 3 bottles for our longer workouts and you will have a fueling system that rivals the best athletes in the world.

What I love is that they have followed the latest research on hydration and performance and added BCAAs (Amino Acids) and the option for Caffeine to both the Pre Workout (Nuun Prime) and the During workout (Nuun Endurance) drinks.

I'll describe how I'm using the Nuun Podium products in my training in a second, but first I just wanted to get you up to speed on Caffeine. I've talked a lot about caffeine recently as the latest research is so compelling on how it can help boost your athletic performance and many are now hypothesizing that the biggest impact is on reducing mental fatigue, essentially tricking your brain to thinking "I'm not really that tired" so it tells your body "don't worry, keep going".

The biggest mistake people make with caffeine is not taking enough (you need at least 200mg and up to 500mg over the course of your workout) OR taking it too late in the day and kill their sleep patterns. I like that Nuun has addressed both of these concerns with much higher dosages of Caffeine, but also each product comes in a Caffeinated Free version.

Ok, so here is how to put this formula to work:

Pre-Workout (aka Nuun Prime)

This pre-workout drink is often missed in so many athlete's training, especially endurance athletes, and that is a lost opportunity to Prime (hence the name) your body for the work that is to come.

Nuun has put together the best formulation I have seen for a Pre-Workout and like all Nuun products, it is light and refreshing to drink (not too sweet). Prime mixes electrolytes and BCAAs to pre-hydrate you, a Prebiotic to protect your gut from the stress of your workout, and most importantly has a serious caffeine boost to get you mentally prepared at 150mg and combines that with Ginseng for added mental focus and to mellow out the (i.e. jitters) from the caffeine.

💁‍♂️Drink 1 bottle of Nuun Prime Pre-Workout. If you are training after 3PM, I would advise going with the Caffeine-Free Version unless you are competing.

During (aka Nuun Endurance)

So not every workout needs the added carbs/calories of Nuun Endurance. If you are training less than 90 minutes, use Nuun's traditional Sport Hydration. For workouts over 90 minutes, then Nuun Endurance is perfect as the higher carbohydrate concentration will help you refuel the glycogen you are burning up while training. The Strawberry Lemonade flavor adds 25mg of caffeine per bottle, this is a "slow drip" of caffeine to help maintain the mental focus you got with the 150mg boost from Nuun Prime.

💁‍♂️Drink 1 Bottle of Nuun Endurance per hour for workouts lasting 90 minutes or longer. Go with the Strawberry Lemonade Caffeinated version for almost all situations. If your workout is shorter than 90minutes, then save the extra calories and go with Nuun Sport Hydration + Caffeine.

Post (aka Nuun Recovery)

When I think recovery, I think vanilla or chocolate protein shakes. But on a hot day or after a really hard workout they can be tough to stomach. I want something refreshing to rapidly rehydrate me. Nuun's Recovery is surprisingly refreshing and I would best describe it as a "crisp" feeling when I drink it. It quenches my thirst but also delivers me the equivalent of 30g of muscle rebuilding protein in the form of BCAAs.

💁‍♂️Immediately post-workout start on a bottle of Nuun Recovery. It will quench your post-workout thirst and rapid rehydration will bring you back to being a productive human for the rest of your day.

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