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Looking for a way to hydrate better, faster, and more efficiently? Nuun Instant might be just the product you've been looking for! Just like all of their other products, Nuun knocked it out of the park with this formula that helps to hydrate you 2-3 times faster than water alone.

Formulated with the WHO's guidelines for Oral Rehydration Therapy, Nuun Instant contains the perfect combination of sodium, potassium, chloride, and glucose to activate the transport systems that allow you to hydrate faster. This quickly delivers those key nutrients into your bloodstream, helping to increase the rate of hydration and improve absorption. With Nuun Instant, fluid and electrolytes are transported from the stomach to the small intestine, so you're rapidly rehydrated at the cellular level.

What makes Nuun Instant even more unique is that it's a hypotonic solution. This means that it has a lower concentration than the bloodstream, which has been shown in research to drastically improve the speed and rate of both fluid and electrolyte absorption.

Nuun Instant is a powder that can be added directly to your water and instantly dissolves for hydration you can feel. It comes in two delicious flavors, is vegan-friendly, kosher, and contains absolutely no artificial flavors, GMO's, or gluten. Not to mention, it's Informed Sport certified so you can trust that you're only getting what's on the label. Quickly relieve your symptoms of dehydration by taking Nuun Instant with you on any adventure!

How We Use It:
Add one sachet to 16 oz. of water and drink when dehydration starts to slow you down. We like to have one of these 30-60 minutes before training sessions, as well as after to make sure we are properly hydrated. These are also great for traveling, hiking, and any general on the go hydration needs.

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