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Nuun Immunity 3




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Want a refreshing, delicious way to stay hydrated AND boost immunity? 

We have the answer... 

Introducing Nuun Immunity 3…

A triple threat formula for optimal immunity and hydration during those *extra* stressful times (hello 2021!)  and is perfect for athletes who need all the hydration and immune support we can get! 

Immunity 3 uses a powerful trifecta of vitamins, electrolytes, and probiotics with the foundation of hydration to provide you with a triple pathway of support for your immune system

Why Nuun?

Nuun is a long-time favorite hydration brand at The Feed because they use only clean, tasty ingredients while eliminating sugar overload and artificial crap from the hydration game. Their quick-dissolve tablets are super convenient and refreshing while loading you up with vitamins, electrolytes, and prebiotics to feed your immune system and supercharge hydration.  Nuun is a perfect solution for any athlete who’s sick of sugary sports drinks or flat, weird-tasting hydration mixes. 

What Makes Nuun Immunity3 Special? 

  • Combines Vitamins, Electrolytes, and Prebiotics to feed the immune system and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

  • Harnesses the power of hydration to provide a triple pathway of support for the immune system.

  • Prebiotic blend to support gut health

  • Zinc and Selenium for immune health

  • 778% DV Vitamin C & 150% DV Vitamin D3

  • Each serving contains 2800mg of active ingredients—including 175mg of black elderberry extract, providing a powerful boost to your immune system, especially during times of stress or when illness

  • Convenient and refreshing. Just add one sachet to 16oz of water, stir, then enjoy.

  • Tasty and light without being too sweet. 

Whether you’re stressing your body with travel, training, or tiring workdays, Nuun Immunity3 is the go-to hydration for any athlete who’s trying to boost their immunity. 

How To Use: 

Add one sachet to 16 oz water, stir and ENJOY

Top Review: 

“Nuun immunity was a daily favorite. I drink Nuun immunity every day to add to the arsenal of supplements, and immune system at peak levels. I sampled Nuun immunity3 and it takes it to another level with the boost of prebiotics that I was missing for guy health, elderberry, and added vitamins, to give the immune system a one-two punch. I love The convenience And ease of dissolvable powder instead of the tabs, and I still haven’t decided which flavor is my favorite, I love them both.”   -- Jenni

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