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A short time ago one of our team was in Minnesota for a work event and happened to stop by this gem of a cafe.  If you are anything like us you are always craving the best coffee.  Meet Northern Coffeeworks.  

Northern Coffeeworks has a mission that is simple: "Serve amazing, wholesome, and sustainably sourced coffee and food, in a space that reflects the beautiful scenery of our home state of Minnesota. We want to build community in the great city in which we live, and leave people happier than when they walked through the door."

Well in this case you won't be walking through their door.....but you'll be able to feel as if you were in their remarkable cafe. 

Northern Coffeeworks has two phenomenal blends and they both are staples in our pantry. 

Juniper Blend:

Juniper Blend is at home as an espresso or brewed coffee. A bright mix of cherries from Africa.

Origins - Burundi Mibrizi Washing Station, Ethiopia Guji Uraga, Ethiopia Guji Layo Taraga

Tasting Notes - cola, wild blueberry, date

Roast Level - Medium-Light

Process - Washed and Natural

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