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Preparation, hard work, and training for your next marathon mean nothing without proper sports nutrition. When breaking down a marathon and what an athlete needs to fuel his or her journey, one must realize that their body is like a fuel gauge. Keep it topped off! A marathon mandates high levels of exertion and each component of the fueling process is vital for one’s success. We look at fuel sources for a marathon in 3 major categories. Hydration - Energy - Recovery. None of these categories can be overlooked and we emphasize this with all of our athletes. You wouldn’t show up to a marathon unprepared… so do your body a favor and train it with the proper fuel sources.

Hydration is a crucial component to your training. Without proper hydration one cannot expect to push your body to it’s limits. Maurten is sports fuel reinvented and simply put - We are HUGE fans of this product. This revolutionary carbohydrate-rich hydration mix is widely used by the best marathoners in the world. It gently combines two crucial elements for you to use during your run. A high concentration of energy and carbs that are easily absorbed. The taste is mild (which we love) and helps us feel fresh and hydrated for the miles ahead.

At certain points during your run, you will need a quick boost of energy. Boosting one’s energy levels also delivers a mental edge to push you to go after your next goal. Nutrition specific for athletes these days delivers this energy through a number of food sources. Gels, Chews, Bars, and Waffles are great ways to take some food down without feeling “heavy”. Easily digestible, these products enter your system within minutes and give you that burst you were looking for. Be prepared and stage certain products at water stations or certain checkpoints to encourage you do not bonk mid run. GU Gels and Honey Stinger Waffles are our pick as sweet and scrumptious treats that we look forward to having during the run. Clif Bloks are our go-to energy chew of choice. A couple of these will keep you going for miles.

You only have one body. Treat it with respect! Recovery is crucial and often overlooked by most. Immediately following any physical activity it is important to replenish the body with key nutrients to help build back the body to where it needs to be. Fluid Recovery focuses on carb-based recovery to restore muscle glycogen, buffer cramping and break down lactic acid. Mix up a recovery shake or drop a packet of this into your smoothie within 30 minutes after your workout to boost your glycogen synthesis and minimize your recovery time.

Proper recovery also means proper rest. How hard you are able to train and how well you are able to recover will rely heavily on a good night of sleep. Good Day Chocolate (Sleep) is used by professional runners all over the world. The melatonin in these chocolates will allow you to establish a reliable sleep routine. The chocolate allows the melatonin to metabolize quickly and hit you sooner than other sleep supplements. Take 1-2 if you are feeling restless at night. Don’t be afraid to take 1-2 the night before your race either. This product never leaves you feeling groggy and ultimately will deliver you to the line recharged and ready to tackle that run.

Finally, despite rigorous preparation, even the best athletes in the world are susceptible to cramping. Don’t let a pesky cramp prevent you from accomplishing your goals. HotShot is the leading product on the market for cramp-prevention. NIKE Athlete, Amy Cragg is an avid user of this product. She has a World Championship bronze medal to prove that it works!

What's inside:

  • Maurten 160 - 3 Single Servings
  • Clif Bloks - 2 Servings
  • Fluid Recovery - 2 Servings
  • Good Day Sleep
  • Hotshot - 1 Serving
  • Gu Gel - 2 Servings
  • Bonk Breaker Bar
  • Honey Stinger Waffle (Gluten Free)
  • Limited Edition Nike Bottle
  • Limited Edition Nike Pouch

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Roger H

Best Marathon Yet

I loved everything in the box! The Maurten hydration mix tastes kind of funny but it worked wonders during the race. I will certainly purchase a couple of these boxes before my next marathon!