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NEVERSECOND C30 Ice Energy Gel




What we think

An innovative way to fuel the hottest workouts.

The C30 Ice Gel is an energy gel that you freeze and consume as a frozen fuel source. Think about it like a performance-focused version of the freezer pop.

Each C30 Ice Gel helps to cool your core body temperature while delivering 30 grams of fast-absorbing energy. Same as the standard C30 Gel, each Ice Gel contains 200mg of sodium to help with fluid delivery and a lovely new cool citrus flavor.

Why the Ice Gel?

The C30 Ice Gel is a way that NEVERSECOND continues to show their commitment to innovation. It rides the wave of the latest science we’re seeing on core temp and performance – that heat has a big impact on the body and negatively affects performance when the core temp rises.

The Ice Gels were secretly tested at last year’s Tour de France with the pros… and the feedback was that they were REALLY useful in the heat. This year, 5 teams at the Tour are using them. On scorching summer days, teams will keep these Ice Gels at the ready in their cars and distribute them as needed, improving both the riders' perception and physical feeling on hot tarmac.


  • Freezable gel
  • One (1) N2 Unit (30g of carbs)
  • The same nutrient profile of the C30 Gel
  • Helps reduce core temperature
  • Great hot-weather combatant
  • Easy to freeze, easy to squeeze

How to Use It:

Freeze the Ice Gel standing upright for a minimum of 3 hours. Then, when you’re ready to use it, remove it from the freezer and let thaw for 1-2 minutes, and cut the top off before consuming.

Take 1-3 gels per hour of intense exercise, depending on your duration and intensity. As an everyday athlete, we think taking this with you on your way out the door can be a great way to start a workout. It can also be a nice refreshing way to get on top of carbohydrates in recovery when you’re back.

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