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Some are calling it the elixir of the Gods... We like to refer to it as coffee on steroids! The 1-2 punch :facepunch: of green tea & L-Theanine provides a sense of alertness while also putting you into a very calming state of mind. If you’ve ever tried Qualia Mind, this product provides a very similar nootropic boost but does so in a fraction of the time (3-5min versus 40min). Unlike coffee, you won’t experience jitters or a nasty crash when the caffeine wears off. It is much more subtle and slowly starts to wear off between the 90min and two-hour mark. Unlike other energy drinks on the market, Qualia Nootropic Energy is made up of 12 of the highest quality brain-boosting ingredients, designed to enhance mental and athletic performance. 


How we use it:

Qualia Nootropic Energy is very fast-acting, and that is why we :heart: it! 


  •  Afternoon presentation: Qualia Energy puts you in the flow state, allowing for your thinking to be sharp and crystal clear.
  • Early morning interval session: When your training requires immediate focus, no product acts faster and provides cognitive clarity like Qualia Energy.
  • Fighting jetlag: We’ve all traveled for work and/or competition, and there is nothing worse than losing a day on either end due to brain fog. Boost alertness and start your day completely present with the most potent nootropic stack on the market. 
How does it taste:
This product tastes completely different from other energy drinks on the market. It has a nice subtle berry flavor that doesn’t leave you reaching for a chaser.

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