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Moxy Monitor




What we think

The Moxy Sensor is a groundbreaking new device available to all levels of athletes.

It makes real-time, portable muscle oxygen measurement possible.

The fully functional and self-contained Moxy Sensor has the ability to capture, store, and transmit your muscle O2 levels in the middle of a training session straight to a head unit or smartwatch. It’s non-invasive, supplies real-time data, and enables deeper insight into our training.

How does this work?

Moxy uses light from the near-infrared wavelength spectrum to analyze changes in your O2 level. It then provides live physiologic feedback via ANT+ and BLE Radio to your smartwatch, head unit, etc. These changes can allow us to see exactly what the oxygen saturation is in our muscles instantaneously during a workout.

Why is this so key?

Think about how easy it is to see exactly what your heart rate is on a ride or run. Now, take that application to your muscle oxygen levels. The Moxy allows you to dial in your training zones in real-time while training…without any guesswork or estimation.

Unlike power, you can use the numbers as a gauge to monitor performance at altitude, in humidity, or under any other extreme environmental conditions. You’re able to track your body’s changes and adjustments to stress.

This device is great for any sport: it’s strong enough to withstand the rigors of motocross riding; it’s secure enough to operate in the swimming pool; it’s portable enough to wear on a ride. Moxy takes physiologic monitoring out of the lab and into the real world of sports.


  • Lithium Polymer battery for at least 6 hours of run time and a 2-hour recharge time
  • Data Storage for more than 6 hours of data
  • Wireless charging using the Qi standard
  • ANT+ and BLE Radio for transmitting data to sport watches, smartphones, and computers
  • Weighs less than 40 grams - 1.4 oz (half as much as some sport watches)
  • Sealed, water-resistant case
  • Two-second data update rate


  • Moxy is so small and light that you forget you’re wearing it
  • Moxy interfaces with many existing devices and software programs that use ANT+ or BLE
  • Internal data recording allows Moxy to be used where radio transmission of data is difficult, such as underwater
  • Provides real-time physiologic feedback
  • The Moxy algorithm is insensitive to motion, so it can be used in even the most vigorous sports
  • Moxy is physiologically accurate; it is designed to measure into muscle tissue through up to 12 mm (1/2”) of fat layer thickness

Compatibility and Use

Moxy Portal consists of a mobile app, cloud database, and analysis web tool for Moxy data. The App interfaces with up to three Moxy sensors and one heart rate monitor using Bluetooth.

This lets you see the live data and push the data to the Cloud. There are tools on the app to guide your real-time training. The Cloud is the data repository. The Webtool allows you to review, share, and analyze your data.

To apply, place the Moxy Sensor and patch on the desired area/muscle, approximately in the middle. Then, peel off the adhesive and place it around the Moxy. That is the brief version, but we highly recommend referring to Moxy’s site for a detailed guide.

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