Treeline Coffee GEO


How To Use Treeline Coffee GEO: The GEO is a single serving of high-quality roasted coffee from Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters. Simply open up the pack, boil some water, and pour over for a perfect cup of joe. Great for: backcountry pursuits, traveling, or the morning of your race.

No matter where you the backcountry, on a road trip, traveling, at work, at home...all you'll need is hot water and you could make a delicious pour over. Sound too good to be true? Yeah, we thought so too, until now.

We're thrilled to be selling Little Red Wagon Coffee and their revolutionary GEO. TheLittle Red Wagon Coffee GEO is a disposable, single serve pour over, pre-packed with freshly roasted coffee. With the GEO, you'll never have to sacrifice your mornings with bad coffee again.  Just add hot water and pour over to brew! 

We love the simplicity and ease of use. Simply add water and you have coffee on your wildest adventures.


Ingredients: Freshly Roasted (ground) Coffee.