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Kyoku + SwissRX Gut Defense




What we think

Kyoku has already solved your breakfast dilemma now how about adding in some reinforcements to help combat that GI distress?

Kyoku is made from 16 different superfoods including: 

Greens: Broccoli, Spinach, Green Pepper, Collards
Carbs & Protein: ChickPea, Peas, Brown Rice, Hemp Seeds, Sweet Potatoes, and Chia Seeds
Performance: Black Pepper, Beet Root, Ashwagandha
Recovery: Turmeric, Tart Cherry, Quercetin from Apples.

Couple those superfoods with a pharmaceutical-grade high-dose solution to soothe inflamed and irritated 'leaky gut' issues and strengthen the junctions between gut mucosal cells that seal up leaks and you have the perfect start to any day.

How to use it:
Mix 1 scoop of SwissRX Gut Defense (6.4 grams) and one packet of Kyoku in 16 ounces of a Plant-Based Milk of your choice to the desired thickness, once daily or as recommended by your health care professional. Best when blended.

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