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Klean has designed a phenomenal plant-based formula to support joint comfort and flexibility, cartilage health, and aid in better muscle recovery. This is one area most athletes (especially endurance athletes…) overlook with regard to their performance.

Why do we love this?

Klean Joint & Muscle was designed specifically for athletes. When we are deep in training or involved in heavy exercises, the body can take a toll. We know that a proper diet is key to maintaining our body’s needs, but it may not be enough for peak performance. This formula is a simple way to keep tabs on the health, function, and mobility of our joints and muscles.


Key Benefits:

  • Provides joint comfort, function, and flexibility
  • Supports cartilage health, joint, and muscle integrity
  • Aids in muscle recovery and reduced soreness post-exercise

What’s in it?

This formula is Gluten Free, Vegan/Vegetarian, and GMO-Free. It includes a unique combination of tart cherry, tamarind seed, turmeric root, and astaxanthin. These ingredients were incorporated for the specific purpose of supporting the function and health of your joints to tackle each training session head-on.

Tart cherry has been proven to be a powerful natural anti-inflammatory that helps combat the effects of inflammation, oxidative stress, and free radical damage to the body that can occur from training.

The compounds found naturally in tart cherries can help alleviate pain and soreness, and research suggest it can do this as effectively as over the counter NSAIDs.

How to use it:

We suggest 2 capsules daily; taking them first thing with breakfast can be one of the easiest times!

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