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What we think

Kion Flex holds a blend of Turmacin & Ayuflex that is designed to help support your active lifestyle. Turmerosaccharides from turmacin are responsible for a balanced inflammatory response after physical activity, while Ayuflex extract derived from Ayurvedic superfruit supports whole body joint function. The combination of these clinically studied natural ingredients is designed to take care of your joints inside out!

Having an active lifestyle plays a toll on your joints, especially without supplementation.

Is this for me?

Whether you’re an active athlete or just someone who likes to take long walks, your joints most likely are getting an uncontrolled inflammatory response. Kion flex supports optimal joint health, function, and mobility while also reducing exercise-related soreness. Supplementing with this fast-acting blend of natural ingredients will reduce your joint discomfort, swelling and will strengthen your joints for your next physical activity!

Save yourself the discomfort and improve your long term joint health and mobility.

Why do we need this?

Taking care of your joints from inside out with Kion Flex will optimally reduce joint pain, improve overall mobility and help with quicker recovery after any physical activity strain. With these clinically studied natural ingredients, Kion formulated this plant-based supplement that gives you a lifetime of better joint health, mobility and flexibility, all for you to be able to do what you love!

Key Benefits:

  1. Reduce exercise-related soreness and swelling.
  2. Support and maintain optimal joint health, flexibility and mobility.
  3. Quickly reduce temporary joint discomfort.

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