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KetoneAid Pro KE4 Ketone Ester



What we think

By now, you’ve all heard about the benefits of the Ketogenic diet. Once used as a cure for childhood epilepsy, now being sought-after from endurance athletes worldwide.

KetoneAid is a legal performance-enhancing sport and brain drink that quickly elevates ketone levels and provides the benefits of ketosis without all of the hardship and struggle that comes with balancing an endurance training load.

Why ketone esters?

Until recently, exogenous ketones were a multi-thousand dollar investment. While not cheap, KetoneAid is part of the latest line of products specifically developed to enhance performance by providing a dual fueling system. 

Also known as glycogen sparing, exogenous ketones offer endurance athletes 60-90min of ketone-fueled energy, saving your precious glycogen reserves for when you need them the most. 

How does it taste?  The flavor is named Very Scary Cherry. 

While it tastes better than earlier renditions of the product, it still isn’t up to the standards of something that you would purchase from your local juice bar. Most athletes are fine with it knowing that the longterm performance gains outweigh the short term taste discomfort. 

Some of the benefits:

  • Increased endurance performance: by sparing muscle glycogen stores, lowering blood lactate levels, and increasing efficiency of muscles
  • Improved muscle recovery: increased rate of glycogen resynthesis (replenishing energy stores) and protein synthesis (rebuilding muscles), decreased muscle breakdown
  • Enhanced cognitive ability: ketones can cross the blood-brain-barrier to provide an efficient source of fuel for neurons, allowing you to sustain peak cognitive performance for longer
  • Support fasting and dietary goals: can allow you to stay in ketosis while consuming carbs 

How to use it:

We typically like to consume 45min prior to event and supplement every 60-90min based on total duration. This product can and should be used with additional supplements/gels during your training and racing.

During the off-season, we love to use on recovery days as a means of caloric restriction. One capful is 5ml. Pour into small glass and dilute 1 to 1. 

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