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 Are you keto? Never feel deprived again with this deliciously crispy keto snack.

So good, it will even make your non-keto friends jealous! 

Being keto (or even just low carb) can be a lonely road, especially when everyone around you is noshing on your favorite unketo-friendly snacks and desserts… completely oblivious to your pain... 


Introducing Keto Krisp Bar by CanDo.

I promise you won’t be disappointed with these decadent treats that blend natural, delicious taste with a crispy texture that’s chewy, creamy, and has zero weird “off’ flavor that is the hallmark of most keto snacks. They’ve been described as somewhere between a Butterfinger and Rice Krispy Treat, only better (especially if you aren’t into sickly sweet snacks). 


These bars strike the perfect balance of YUM and good for you. And at just 5 carbs, it’s practically a miracle! At 10g protein, they’ll do a much better job at filling you up than cookies and candy! 

How Good Are They Really?

Since virtual taste technology isn’t a thing (yet), the best we can do is describe our own taste experiences 

I’ll tell you these bars are so good that even our non-keto athletes are smashing them down. My kids love them, my wife is obsessed. And I’m about to rip into a mint chocolate puppy since writing about them is torture without actually eating one! 

So, if you’ve been on a mission to get your hands on what is quite possibly the most delicious keto-friendly snack bar in the world, then STOP whatever you’re doing right NOW and grab yourself a box or two of Keto Krisp by CanDo.

And here’s what everyone is saying: 

Keto Krisp is by far the best Keto snack I have tried that actually tastes good. There are quite a few Keto products out there, although not enough good ones in my opinion. I am a chocolate freak and was desperately looking for a Keto snack to satisfy a craving, whilst shopping in an ultra health store one day. To my delight, I discovered Keto Krisp. Later when the same store had run out of stock, I chose the only other Keto snack available. Needless to say, it was so awful I had to throw it away. Keto Krisp is delicious, the mint and raspberry flavor actually tastes like mint & raspberry, it's Krispy good, has a good texture, and most of all satisfy certain (ahem) cravings you have on the Keto plan. Good on carbs, good on sugar, it has a little coconut in it which is usually a turn-off for me, but all the flavors are so well combined into one delicious snack one ingredient doesn't overpower another.” Andi

Long story short, you're doing Keto and want a snack that can satisfy the need for crunch and/or sweet without busting the diet. I started off trying a variety pack of these, and they were all delicious, but I especially liked the almond butter, so I came back and ordered just a pack of those."


"They are absolutely delicious, and the texture and crunch is great. It's like rice krispie treats, only not quite so well "glued" together. The only drawback is they are a bit pricey.” Miz


"I’m a repeat customer and the Almond are the best, in my opinion. Great macros for keto and sugar-free. These are a daily snack for me and I’ve given away the competitor snacks I had purchased before these. Great flavor, not too ‘greasy’ like other keto snacks, no nasty aftertaste, and just the right amount of crunch. They are very filling and great for in-between meals. I will undoubtedly keep buying them.” Michelle



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