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If you’re a health nut and have a sweet tooth… We’ve got something just for you.

JoJé bars are one of our favorite healthy bars that we carry. It is Gluten free, soy free and uses organic ingredients to make their delicious and unforgettable bars. Now, you may not know this but… It’s like a slice of cake. JoJé Bars are like pillows of joy with their perfect texture and taste! This is your excuse to eat treats on a bike and get the best serotonin out of bike riding and snacking.

Baked like a soft cake with the perfect moisture and flavors, you will crave these bars everyday!

Not only are JoJé Bars absolutely delicious, but also super nutritious! We always hear that moderation is key to a healthy lifestyle. Well, these bars are the perfect example. They have the texture and flavor of a real slice of cake, but consider it a high quality slice of cake. The ingredients used to make these bars are non GMO and organic, while also excluding artificial sweeteners. Made with oats, nuts, honey and coconuts, you are getting some essential vitamins and minerals while also satisfying your sweet tooth.

These bars are great for a quick boost of energy, or as a midnight munchie snack!

This fluffy and airy healthy bar provides a balanced macronutrient profile, perfect for a wholesome snack that fulfills your sweet tooth and keeps you full. With 14 grams of healthy fats, 37 grams of carbohydrates and 6 grams of protein, you’re getting the right macronutrients for a pre-workout bar.

The Feed Fave: We absolutely love the White Chocolate Coconut Blondie. Don’t get us wrong though, all their flavors are satisfying!

How We Use It:

We like to snack on these between meals or as a midnight snack. In a rush, this is the perfect snack for some clean energy right before a workout!

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