Injury Repair Formula

4-week supply: 8 pills per day

While injuries are a reality for most athletes, there's little that's more frustrating than something keeping you from the sport that you love. While there's no magic cure for soft tissue injuries, there are key nutritional interventions that have been shown to help. Containing powerful anti-inflammatories, proteolytic enzymes and collagen, this formula is specifically designed to get you back to training faster.

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Dr. Kevin Sprouse
Head of Medicine for EF Education First Cycling Team

Injuries are an unfortunate reality for all athletes, but hopefully they remain relatively uncommon disruptions to your training calendar. When injury does occur, there is evidence that some dietary interventions, in concert with proper rehabilitation, may lead to faster healing. Following this evidence, The Feed has gathered the ingredients that aid in this repair process. If paired with collagen protein, this will be an even more potent combination.