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Are sore muscles slowing you down? Is soft tissue injury or an overworked body keeping you in chronic pain? 

Maybe you’re currently spending a lot of money on frequent deep tissue massages and you want a more affordable -- but still pro-level -- solution to your pain… 


Maybe what your body really needs is MORE MASSAGES -- but you just don’t have the extra time or money to make it happen… 

BUT -- what if there was a way to receive daily, on-demand, pro-level, deep tissue massages to help heal chronic injury and pain AND assist you in warm-up and cool-down for a better workout and proven better recovery?… 

…AND what if this ‘solution’ literally pays for itself after just 3 hours of use -- saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the course of a single year?  

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably thinking, ‘Sounds amazing, where do I sign up??

Which is why we’re super excited to... 

Introduce you to Hypervolt by Hyperice

an ultra-premium percussion massage gun that’s seriously strong, remarkably quiet, AND able to work out your pain with the precision and power of a professional sport’s masseuse… any time you want it and no tip required! 

Here’s what makes Hypervolt stand out in the massage gun crowd… 

  • Insanely Strong and Fast
  • Hypervolt is one of the most powerful massage guns on the market and hands down has one of the fastest speed settings -- topping out at a bonkers 3,200 ppm. This is CRAZY fast -- by comparison, Theragun Pro maxes out at 2,400 ppm. This level of speed is impressive! Whether or not the faster speed leads to a deeper or better massage is still up for debate -- but it definitely makes for ‘my massage gun is faster than your massage gun’ bragging rights. 

  • Hours of Power
  • Delivers over 150 minutes (2+ hours) of use before the battery dies. While this battery life is comparable to other guns in its class, Hypervolt is unique in that its percussive power isn’t weakened when the battery is at less than half charged. In contrast, other similar devices usually need to be recharged when their battery life is around 50% because they lose too much power and can’t operate at full capacity at that point. In our experience, Hypervolt stays strong until the charge is almost gone, which is pretty convenient! 

    • Did you hear that? Neither did I.

    One of the biggest complaints about the less premium brands of massage guns is how LOUD they are. Hypervolt massage guns are so quiet they won’t even wake the baby… or tick off the neighbors. In fact, they barely make a sound. 

  • Easy To Use Sensor Technology
  • A super helpful feature of the Hypervolt is its digital indicator sensor technology that has three different levels and shows you how much pressure you’re applying at any given time. This makes it easy to stay within recommended pressure levels during self-massage and also comes in handy when using the gun on others so that you can maintain the correct pressure. 

  • NBA Sponsorship
  • Hypervolt has recently partnered with the NBA who provides Hyperice devices courtside for players to maximize performance and recovery. While this is obviously a promotional deal, it’s still a major endorsement and speaks to the quality of the device. 

    What’s Included: 

    • Massage gun
    • AC Cable and 24 V charger
    • Head attachments: Fork, Ball, Cushion, Flat, Bullet
    • Head attachment pouch
    • 1 year warranty

    Design Features: 

    • Bluetooth connected to the Hyperrice App (automated speed control)
    • Brushless high-torque 60 W motor
    • Patented QuiteGlide technology
    • 3-speeds - up to 3200 percussions per minute
    • 24 v rechargeable lithium-ion batter (2.5+ hours of use per charge)
    • Hyperice Pressure Sensor Technology (3 levels) 
    • Lightweight, easy to use (2.5 lbs) 
    • TSA approved for carry-on 

    Why a massage gun? Did you know that percussion massage is proven to help you warm up and recover like a pro? Percussion massage helps get your blood circulating to your muscles, has been clinically proven to help reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) for a faster recovery, and helps manage and even heal chronic pain from soft tissue injuries and an aging/overworked body… 

    While athletes can obviously benefit hugely from these devices, the Hypervolt feels so amazing that everyone in the whole family is sure to want a turn… The real question is, are you willing to share?? 

    But, it’s pretty expensive -- is it really worth it? 

    Short answer: If you’re a fan of massages -- a resounding YES 

    Long answer: Even though premium massage guns like Hyperice are a decent upfront investment, they literally pay for themselves after just a few uses when compared to getting a professional manual massage. At a conservative estimate of $100 an hour for a deep tissue massage, the Hypervolt will pay for itself after just aprox 3 hours of use. (depending on the model) For athletes that train hard and recovery harder, it’s pretty much a no-brainer. 

    Aren’t their cheaper ones on Amazon? 

    The top two massage gun brands are Hypervolt and Theragun (we carry both). These are the two brands known for their premium quality. Most other guns out there are ‘knock-offs’. They break, are loud, have way less power, etc. etc. Guns that you buy from Amazon, even if they have the Hyperice brand name, may still be knock-offs or,  at the very least, returns or overstock etc. Hyperice does NOT sell their own merch on Amazon. This also means if you buy from Amazon you will NOT get your warranty and have a good possibility of buying a defect or knock-off. Moral of the story: buy all your awesome gear and nutrition at The Feed. We guarantee quality and satisfaction :) 

    Some reviews worth noting:

    "I WISH I knew of this product sooner! For $300 = 3 in-person massage appointments, you just covered the cost of this amazing SELF- massager! I have severe hip and back pain and after swimming, weight lifting and yoga the HYPERVOLT soothes away my pain and gets my super tight muscles into RELAX mode! My SI joint pain can now better be managed for a one-time fee and not weekly expensive massages. Amazing ergonomics!! I can't believe how light and easy to use and made for you to use on yourself! I can't believe I can even get my neck and back areas with ease. Love the design and the 'heads' are incredible! Love how you can choose different pressures, types of pressure, and speed.Amazing self-healing device! Thank you for helping me manage my pain so I can be functional ."


    "Started doing the Peloton, and heard that using this would help ease the pain on my old achy muscles. It definitely did!! I use it on days I don't even exercise. My only complaint is it noisier than advertised. People left reviews of the quietness of it. Not sure if I was expecting something crazy quiet, or just got a loud one. I love the product, I highly recommend it. But it’s not as quiet as advertised. It would have gotten 5 stars had it been as quiet as expected."


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