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Hyperice Vyper GO



What we think

Get ready to roll with the coolest vibrating roller!

Hyperice Vyper Go is a firm and fibrating roller used to target any stubborn knots or skeletal muscle soreness. It is designed to help you warm up fast, recover right and unlock your tightest muscles anywhere and anytime!

What makes this different from your average foam roller?

You’d be surprised how far this technology can go. Hyperice Vyper Go can be connected to the Hyperice App for optimal recovery that is guided by top athletes, trainers and performance specialists. This roller is lightweight, easily transportable and super convenient to have in your workout bag. The fact that you can access tutorials on your phone for warm-ups or recovery will only help you up your performance!

How does Hyperice Vyper Go work?

Well, now that technology has officially taken over, almost everything is operated through your phone. This device has 3 total speeds that you can use and perfectly placed contour to help you target specialized body parts!


Weight: 2lbs

Battery Life: 2 hours

Size: 10.6in x 3.9in x 3.9in

Motor: High-torque 26W Motor

Speed: 3 Speed Vibration

TSA Approved!

Hyperice Vyper Go has the perfect balance between power and portability to help you feel your best anytime, anywhere and as needed. This compact and vibrating roller is great for your self-care routine to give your body that extra oomph of energy whenever you need it!

How We Use It:

Due to its lightweight features, Hyperice Vyper Go is super easy to keep in your workout bag, or carry-on for anytime self-care. Use this to warm up your muscles prior to a workout, or to loosen up those post-workout tight muscles! 

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