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The Venom Leg is a cutting edge, digitally connected vibration wrap made for recovery on-the-go. Walk, bend, and stretch with it on, or sit back and relax. Where you go, the Venom Leg will be there to heal you along the way. It’s a great device to help you warm up your tissues and prepare for training or enjoy the vibration + heat therapy for post workout recovery. Advanced tech for advanced recovery! 

How Does It Work?   

The therapeutic application of heat causes a change in temperature to your soft tissues. This can help decrease joint stiffness and relieve muscle spasms. When combined with the benefits of vibration, localized heat helps warm, loosen, and relax sore and stiff muscles. 

Made from premium plush Neoprene for a snug and comfy one-size-fits-all fit the Venom Leg comes with a detachable lithium-ion battery pack and a built-in digital touchscreen control so that you can instantly adjust the temperature, vibration pattern, and timer/countdown for each treatment session. 

The heat is dispersed by embedded nanotechnology with four different vibration pods that provide a soothing experience and comfortable deep massage to soothe away lower back pain and help you recover faster.  

Design Features: 

    • Digital touch screen control so that you can easily see your settings and adjust them to your needs and comfort

    • Nano-technology allows for a smooth and even disbursement of heat with 3 adjustable temperature levels: 130°F (55°C) / 145°F (63°C) / 160°F (72°C) so that you can find your perfect comfort range

    • 4 vibration pods with variable sequences so that your leg is soothed and you can enjoy a fully customizable vibration experience that is spread evenly over your leg area

    • Three vibration types included: constant, pulsating, and variation

    • Full coverage heat treatment for the quad, knee, hamstring, or calf

    • 18 V rechargeable lithium-ion battery

    • Premium Plushneoprene wrap for a durable device that provides a snug and comfortable fit.

    • One size fits most

    • Use on your left or right leg

    • TSA approved for carry-on so that you can take your Venom anywhere, even use it while traveling to avoid a stiff back!


What's included:
    • Venom Leg
    • Additional plug adapters (2)
    • Power supply 
    • 1 year warranty

    How to use: 

    Wrap the Venom around the area of your leg you want treated. Secure the strap snugly. Select your preferred setting, hit START, and melt into the experience. Perfect for pre or post-workout massage to speed recovery, or when getting up in the morning to work out any stiffness. Or before bed to drift into a lovely night’s sleep…

    Also perfect for literally any other time you want to show your leg some love and feel like a million bucks!  

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