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HydraPak Recon 1L Bottle + SIS Tablet Bundle


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What we think

An all-new hydration bundle!

Take advantage of this hydration bundle that offers both HydraPak's new RECON bottle + 2 SiS Hydro Berry Tablet Tubes. The new RECON is one of our favorite daily bottles and the SiS Hydro Tablets make on-the-go hydration a breeze. Don't head out the door unprepared. 

What You Get

The RECON 1L Bottle

The RECON is Hydrapak’s first sustainable outdoor water bottle series, made from 50% recycled content in both the cap and bottle.

Born out of the passion to make gear that has a lower impact on the environment, the RECON is unlike any bottle we’ve seen. They use what’s called Eastman Tritan™ Renew technology to transform plastic waste into upcycled outdoor water bottles (the equivalent of x9 bottles to be exact).

However, it doesn’t just “get the job done” – this bottle feels incredibly good to drink from. Topped with their new patented twist cap, using the RECON is like drinking out of a glass. We love the action of their top, with a twist you can swap from open to leak-proof closed.

2 SiS Hydro Berry Tablet Tubes

The GO Hydro Tablets are your go-to for minimal calorie electrolyte replacement.

Sodium, an important electrolyte for stimulating thirst, improving taste, and promoting absorption and retention of fluid, is lost through sweat and requires replenishing. This product is for the days when hydration is required without the added calories. 

As an effervescent tablet that readily dissolves in plain water, it’s easy to meet your hydration needs without the calories. These Hydro Tablets are great for workouts lasting less than 90 minutes to replenish the electrolytes you lose without the added calories or carbohydrates. Dissolve one tablet in 500 mL of water and drink 3-4 hours prior to training or competition, then again for every hour of exercise in which you need electrolytes but not a lot of fuel.

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