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Yawn.  We couldn't think of a better name for a fantastic sleep aid that is a staple in our supplement closet.  Yawn is a non-habit-forming sleep aid to support a healthy nights sleep and keep you feeling fresh the next day.  Yawn has been studied and has shown the fact that individuals that participated in the study fell asleep faster.  How much faster you ask?  7 minutes faster.  That might seem really inconsequential but multiply that by 7 days.  49 extra minutes of sleep?  I think many of us would take that.  That means something to us as hard working, hard training athletes. 

The quality of one's sleep is scientifically agreed upon to be one of the most influential elements in making sure they perform at his or hers peak the following day.  You know that feeling when you get up and you feel refreshed?  Try Yawn - It'll have you feeling like that regularly.  

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Thessa N.
I recommend this product
Thank you for this!

I’ve been using Yawn for almost a year. It helps me fall asleep, stay asleep, I even have dreams again (which had stopped on other sleep aids), and I never feel drowsy the next day, even if I have to cut my sleep short by a few hours. I’ve also noticed that it helps regulate my mood during the day, as I’ve struggled with mild depression and anxiety my whole life. I’ve noticed that when I’ve forgotten to take Yawn, the next day my depression and anxiety return, so now I make a point to never forget to take it. I’m very impressed with this product and very grateful I found it.

Monroe F.

As someone who has trouble falling asleep this supplement has been . incredibly helpful to me. I fall asleep much quicker and stay asleep longer. I feel much more rejuvenated after a nights sleep with YAWN, and I feel sharper and more productive the following day. Great Stuff!

Kimberly R.

Huge fan of Yawn. Night and day experience after taking. Wake up feeling refreshed, never groggy

Janet N.

Yawn is a quality product backed by true science. My husband (76) & I (68) rely on Yawn for a relaxing sleep every night. We love Rise, Kado & Sprint too. We have been keto for 3 years and find HVMN products have enhanced our state of health. In fact, we just attended my 50th high school reunion (1969), took a Sprint before hand and rocked the dance floor till midnight then came home and took our Yawn. We felt rested and great the next day!

Alice O.

I've tried many sleep supplements and Yawn works the best!

Julia S.

This product contains the ingredients: magnesium glycinate, L-Glycine, L-Theanine, and melatonin. In my opinion, the fact that this product has L-Glycine is what separates it from the rest. Many studies have shown that glycine can increase sleep efficiency, reduces symptoms of insomnia, and improves sleep quality by promoting deeper and more restful sleep.

Cameron Y.

HVMN's Yawn exceeds expectations is the thoughtful stack built on the melatonin foundation. Magnesium Glycinate/L-glycine offers a multi-factorial benefit, increasing the bioavailability of the magnesium while adding in glycine, an important amino acid that has been shown to lower body temperature (more comfortable deep sleep) and increase serotonin (the chill-out hormone) production. I have teenage daughters that rely on Yawn to make getting up for high school tolerable and I have been told by some in our household that it feels like their "spine turns into jelly". Sleep well, indeed!

Amelie G.

Definitely helps me sleep better and I feel refreshed in the morning. No drowsy feeling when I wake up.