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Honey Stinger Sports Hydration




What we think

Honey Stinger has cracked the code, "Hydration. Solved." as they proclaim.

The new Sports Hydration system was made super convenient with an 8-serving pouch, so you can forget about the stick. Whether you're gearing up for your workout or in the midst of an intense session, the two pre-exercise and two performance blends have got your back.

If you know Honey Stinger, you know they're one of the cleanest brands out there, specializing in honey-based products. They're specially designed this hydration to keep athletes fueled and maintain the perfect electrolyte balance during exercise. With Honey Stinger, you can effortlessly mix, hydrate, and Sweeten The Burn™ on-the-go. 

The Peak Performance blend is made for intra-workout when you need more fuel and electrolytes. 


  • Convenient 8-serving pouch
  • Replace sodium and electrolytes lost through sweat
  • Sustains energy from clean carbohydrate sources
  • Easy to digest for optimal performance and no GI issues
  • 500mg of sodium and 18g of carbs

How to Use It:

Honey Stinger's Performance Blend Hydration mixes are designed to help athletes maintain both energy and electrolyte balances during exercise. It's ideal to have one serving per 16oz, per hour – adding other fuel as needed. 

Add 5 teaspoons into 16oz of water and shake well.

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