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Here at The Feed, we love the Honey Stinger cracker bars. That's why we were so excited when they created this new higher protein version! These cracker bars contain honey, peanut butter, and 10g of plant based protein sandwiched between two crackers and then coated with chocolate to create the perfect sweet, salty, and crunch snack. With the perfect balance of plant based protein and carbs, these tasty bars will help you recover from a hard session.

As their name implies, Honey Stinger uses nature's energy source - Honey! Engineered in nature rather than in a laboratory, this naturally sweet substance provides a lower glycemic energy source that is free from added colors or flavors. Research has also shown that honey's mixture of carbohydrates is better tolerated by endurance athletes, and can help prevent fatigue and boost performance more than a single carbohydrate form.

Honey Stinger used organic ingredients and true source honey in these cracker bars, so they make you feel as good as they taste. Make your recovery rewarding by adding these tasty cracker bars to your post-workout or mid-day snack routine!

How We Use It:
We like to have these bars after a hard session to replenish energy stores and start rebuilding/repairing muscle. These also make a tasty balanced snack for a midday pick me up or a healthier alternative to dessert!

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