Gut Repair Formula

4-week supply: 5 pills per day

When you're training more than three times per week, your gut is constantly under stress from simple sugars and dehydration. Over the long term, this can increase the permeability of the intestinal wall leading to a host of issues such as post-workout gut issues, decreased immune health, and systemic inflammation. This formula is specifically designed to promote optimal gut function during training as well as after illness or the consumption of antibiotics.

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Dr. Kevin Sprouse
Head of Medicine for EF Education First Cycling Team

It is widely recognized that athletes place constant strain on their muscles and tendons, but the stress on the gut is less frequently considered. This GI stress is not only induced by the exercise itself, but athletes ask much of their digestive system when trying to consume the necessary thousands of calories every day. This Formula combines those things which can help keep the gut functioning optimally during times of high training load, or it can be used after a GI illness to help reset.