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Good Day Chocolate for Kids

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What we think

We are all chocolate lovers here, so it's only natural that we would love a product like Good Day Chocolates.  Now they make chocolates for kids!  Why is this such a big deal?  Each chocolate is infused with a different supplement to help your kid stay healthy and strong in their training.  Did we mention that they are chocolate covered goodness?  They come in 4 awesome varieties for kids -  Sleep, Calm, Multivitamin, Probiotic.

This product is perfect to keep your child sharp and well charged all day! Whether that extra boost is from a solid night sleep after taking the Good Day Sleep Chocolate or from eating a couple Good Day Probiotic Chocolates this product will keep your child going.  Your kids are going to love these! 

Feed's Fave: Multivitamin

How We Use It

Use their suggested usage chart on the side of the box for the best overall balance and effect.

Ingredient Image Note:  Purple (Calm) Green (Probiotic) Blue (Sleep) Red (Multivitamin)

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