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What we think

GoMacro Bars are good on all levels. They're macrobiotic, meaning they're made from wholesome ingredients that come straight from the earth. Go Macro's mantra is that if they can't grow it, you won't find it in their bars. They are minimally processed and help you maintain health and balance in your life. Depending on the flavor, the bars have little or no salt, and pack whopping doses of healthy plant-based proteins, making them both nutritious and filling.

The consistency of Go Macro Bars is very condensed, packing an incredible amount of life-giving nutrients into each bar. They are easy to eat and for your body to digest. There's a wide array of unique flavors so you're sure to find one you like.

The Feed’s Fave: Banana Almond Butter

How We Use It

GoMacro Bars are a fantastic workout snack. Take them on a long hike, one of your toughest rides or for after your run. These bars are delicious and give you plenty of fuel for all types of exercise. 

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