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Gatorade Endurance Drink Mix




What we think

Gatorade has really upped their game with their NEW FORMULA!!!! No longer can you just say they’re just a sugary sports drink. With Endurance Drink Mix Gatorade has reformulated the drink you know to meet the needs of endurance athletes. They increased sodium to 300mg, meaning it has more electrolytes than any other Gatorade formula.

Along with sodium, Gatorade also added three times the potassium than its Thirst Quencher line, to aid with cramping.  140mg! They also have kept the formula at only 22 grams of carbs, making the drink have a mere 90 calories. And of course, they've maintained the classic Gatorade flavors you’ve come to know and love.

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How We Use It

We love to consume Gatorade Endurance Mix during long, hard, hot activities. This revamped formula provides electrolytes needed to keep you hydrated and ready to go! 

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