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Attention parents, if you are looking for a convenient grab and go snack made with whole food ingredients and free from added sugars for your kiddos, look no further! This new product from Fuel for Fire was created with kids in mind. Made from a blend of whole fruits and whey protein, these single serve squeeze packs are the smart snack your family needs!

Whether it's a quick breakfast, a mid-day snack, or a tasty way to sneak nutrients into their day, Fuel for Fire Kids Smoothies provide clean burning fuel for your active kids. This on-the-go pouch fits great into a lunch box or sports bag, and doesn't require refrigeration. They're packed with vitamins, minerals, and protein and are a great option for before, during, or after sports practices and games.

But wait, these don't have to be just for kids! The smaller squeeze pouches are easy to slip into your jersey pocket and provide carbohydrates from fruit and a small amount of high quality protein to fuel you through longer rides or ultra races. 

How We Use It:

We keep these stocked in our pantry at all times so that we always have a healthy, protein packed snack option available. We also keep a couple in the car's glove box in case of a snack emergency. As mentioned above, these are the perfect size and contain some carbs and protein for energy during a long ride or run for those workouts where you need more than gels or chews.

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