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Love nature? Here's how to harness her gifts to amplify yours…

If you're obsessed with outdoor adventures, there's a good chance your #1 purpose in life is to reach 'Flow', also called The Zone. You know- that magical place where the time-space continuum is breached and suddenly you’re literally superhuman… leaping over boulders in a single bound, spidey-climbing up to the highest peaks, or riding the most gnarly waves with the grace of Silver Surfer? 

If this describes you, you're also probably not the type to load up on heavy-hitting (often synthetic) ingredients just to hit the next performance marker. Rather, you thrive in the experience. 

For a long time, the supplement space has focused solely on performance gains. But now there's a new player in town- one that lets botanicals take the lead for a gentler approach you can feel

Introducing Flume…   a new supplement brand for outdoor adventure lovers. 

Flume has developed a unique line of botanically driven products designed to work in total harmony with your body to enhance the thrill of moving in nature. The system includes three separate products for pre workout, post workout, and sleep. 


Flow is Flume’s pre-workout drink mix. It’s an energizing blend of nootropic and adaptogenic plants from the mountains and jungles of South America and India. Formulated to activate the body, sharpen focus and uplift mood - clearing the path to flow.

What's in it?

Wow, we really love Flow's super unique formula of ancient and exotic botanicals. Here's a quick(ish)  breakdown of each ingredient: 

Maca: A Peruvian superfood thought to boost energy and recovery (bonus, it's also used to increase sexual desire). Flume’s concentrated extract delivers a class of plant chemistries unique to Maca called 'macamides' whose structure closely resembles a neurochemical called anandamide - also known as the bliss molecule - believed to be largely responsible for the runner’s high experience.*

Guayusa: How does a dose of 'calm stimulation' sound? An Amazonian legend, Guayusa is an energy and immunity boost that also reduces free radicals and inflammation...making it pretty much every athlete's dream supplement. It also contains 15 amino acids, including leucine which is essential for muscle building and repair. Native to the upper Amazon basin, the leaves of this holy tree are considered a sacred teaching plant. In addition to its use in ceremony, Guayusa is used by indigenous people in Ecuador to fight fatigue, give strength, and sharpen one’s senses.*

Cacoa: Cacao’s ability to bring on transcendent experiences earned the plant its divine status - "food of the gods” - among the ancient Maya and Aztec civilizations. Its chemistries are as intriguing as its history, showing potential in preclinical studies to support the same reward chemistries your brain releases during exercise, namely dopamine, anandamide, and endorphins.* Another bonus? Cacao powder has more concentrated levels of antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavonols than all other “superfoods” that were tested in this study.

Coconut Water:
The coconut tree has been called the “tree of life” because all of its parts are used to sustain human life. The refreshing water found in its fruit provides a plant-based electrolyte source that can help maintain fluid balance in the body. Flume’s coconut water comes from young, green, tender coconuts, and is produced using a gentle freeze-drying process that preserves key electrolytes like potassium to support hydration.*

Galangal: A highly prized member of the ginger family, Galangal root is traditionally used to stimulate the mind and build physical resilience. It works as a nootropic, improving alertness and focus with benefits lasting up to 5 hours. Molecular modeling suggest Galangal exerts its effects by boosting dopamine, a brain chemical reported to be associated with flow state experiences*

Himalayan Sea Salt: Formed around 250 million years ago when a seabed in Pakistan was covered by lava. As the water slowly evaporated, it left behind expansive deposits of sodium and other trace minerals naturally present in the pure, ancient ocean. Sodium is a critical electrolyte for maintaining fluid balance, nerve function, and muscle contractions. It’s the main electrolyte lost during sweating, so it’s important to maintain an adequate balance before and after physical activity.

What does it taste like?

If you’re tired of overly sweet, syrupy, or even bland and chalky drink mixes, Flume will be a sip of fresh, uh, liquid. In fact, it’s taste is so subtle that it’s really more like a tea. For sure, the notes of juniper, lime and mint come out, but it’s quite subtle and there’s not a strong taste other than the hints and aromas.

If you prefer a sweeter, stronger flavor, you could mix it into juice or other beverage of your choice. However, we at The Feed agree that the subtle flavor notes make us feel like sophisticated outdoor enthusiasts, celebrating the flavors of nature. Cheerio dahhling!   

How To Use It?

Simply mix 1 teaspoon of Flow with water and shake for a delicious and refreshing pre-workout drink enhanced with electrolytes from coconut water and Himalayan sea salt to help hydrate the body. Hello, flow.

Bonus Points for Caring about the Earth: Flume takes their love of nature deep into their business philosophy. This means they are committed to responsible sourcing and using plastic-free, sustainable packaging (currently the only brand using 100% aluminum packaging!) As a fellow nature lover, we figured you’d want to know.

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