Floyd's of Leadville CBD Recovery Bar



We cannot currently deliver CBD products internationally or to these states: Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi and Louisiana.

What we think

Floyd's of Leadville found a way to combine their high quality CBD with the nutrients your body needs to help take your recovery to the next level. Each Recovery Bar contains 25 mg of Floyd's THC-free CBD isolate and 10g of plant-based protein to help kickstart your recovery after a hard training session.

These bars contain 100% all natural ingredients like organic honey, organic chocolate, organic nut butters, chia seeds, quinoa, flax seeds, Himalyana pink sea salt, and organic gluten-free oats. Not to mention, each bar only has 6g of sugar so you can feel good about eating these any time of day.

How We Use It:
These bars are great to have with you in your gym bag for a post-workout recovery snack. They also make a great protein packed midday snack!

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