Floyd's of Leadville CBD Isolate Recovery Protein



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What we think

Getting in protein after a workout is key for muscle tissue repair and development, so you can recover faster post-workout. In addition to 27g of high quality whey protein per serving, Floyd's Recovery Protein sets itself apart from others on the market because it contains 25mg of THC-free CBD isolate to further boost recovery.

Designed for optimum muscle replenishment, Floyd's Recovery Whey doesn't contain any unnecessary ingredients like fillers or additives. It's flavored with organic vanilla beans or raw cacao, and is sweetened with organic sugar and stevia. It also packs 8.5g of BCAA's per serving, which help promote muscle tissue synthesis to further speed up recovery.

How We Use It:
Mix two scoops with 8-12 oz. of water or milk of choice and shake until blended. Drink within 30 minutes of a hard session to take your recovery to the next level! This Recovery Protein is also great blended into a smoothie or as a stand alone drink for a protein packed breakfast or midday pick me up. 


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