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If you need a boost for an important workout, or that extra pep before a race (we find it works best for shorter duration races), PreRace delivers results. So what’s in this stuff that will help you race? PreRace is formulated with multiple performance enhancing ingredients, including:

  • Citrulline malate: this combination helps improve nitric oxide which increases blood flow, allowing you to get more oxygen and nutrients to your working muscles
  • Malic acid: malic acid works as an energy producing compound in times of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise
  • Caffeine: this is a known ergogenic aid that stimulates the nervous system to increase release of hormones that help with energy efficiency, increasing alertness, and reducing perceived exertion
  • Quercetin: this compound helps promote the effects of caffeine to further extend the stimulant effect so it doesn’t wear off mid-workout 

This pre-race supplement from First Endurance has been shown in clinical studies to improve cardiac output and maximum workload, stimulate nitric oxide to improve oxygen flow, and increase time to exhaustion. Clinically effective doses of citrulline malate, taurine, caffeine and quercetin are used to enhance how much output you can generate.

PreRace has a devout following, and clinical studies have shown it to be effective. It comes in a flavor free powder, which you can add to your drink during workouts, and in capsule form so you can take it with just in plain water.

How We Use It

We love this product when we are in need of a pre-race boost (hence the name)! The quick and easy capsules are a great alternative to the powder form if you’re worried about drinking too much fluid. PreRace should not be used every day. We recommend testing it out with half the dose in training first, as people handle caffeine and similar ingredients differently.

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