What we think

The EFS Liquid Shot is more than a gel. It packs 400 calories of complex carbs, 1500mg of electrolytes, 1000mg of amino acids. It also has no gelling agents, which can slow absorption, digestion and often cause dehydration if not accompanied with adequate amounts of water. This gel is easy to take down and quickly absorbed for a fast source of energy.

The package is a resealable, refillable and recyclable shot flask. It is very easy to use, and a relief from some of the other inconvenient, messy gels out there. You don’t need to consume it all at once like other gels, which can sometimes overload your system and lead to stomach issues. With this handy flask you can take tiny sips and slip it back into your pocket without making a huge sticky mess or needing drink tons of water with it.

The fruity flavors are on the sweeter side. The vanilla tastes like the icing on top of a cinnamon roll (yum) but our favorite is the Kona Mocha.

Feed’s Fave: Kona Mocha

How We Use It

The EFS Liquid Shot is best suited for endurance training. One shot provides the nutrients needed to sustain high-level performance for two hours of training. We recommend sipping from the shot throughout the course of training rather than consuming it all at once.

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