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Fastfood Hydrator




What we think

We say it’s okay to eat Fastfood.

Not all hydration is created equal. The Fastfood ™ Hydrator is built around providing the right electrolytes and hydration (with no added colors or artificial flavors) for any day out. Often, hydration mixes can’t quite get it right. They may have just one electrolyte type, not enough electrolytes, or are too “artificially sugary”. The Hydrator finds that balance.

By blending their food-based ingredients with intention, the Hydrator provides a balance of all the electrolytes we need, not just some. It packs sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, and zinc in a clean, not-too-salty taste.

As they say, it’s “for the mission”.


  • Made from real food
  • Balanced electrolyte profile
  • 25g of carbs/energy (per serv.)
  • 380mg sodium (per serv.)
  • A 50mg caffeinated option
  • Flavored & fortified naturally using fruit & mineral sea salts

How to Use It:

Stay hydrated! We recommend 1 scoop of Fastfood Hydrator in a 750ml bottle of water per hour to stay on top of hydration. It’s also light enough to take with you to work or on the go to prepare for –or recover from– your training that day.

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