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Fastfood Galacto-Gummies™




What we think

We say it’s okay to eat Fastfood.

The Galacto-gummies are real food chews for diversified fueling.

The Galacto-gummies from Fastfood are one of the only chews to incorporate three separate carbohydrate and energy sources for a “layered” approach to fueling. It uses glucose for quick energy, galactose for a slower release, and fructose for spreading energy absorption to other pathways. They call this their Optimal Energy Release System.

Real foods are at the core of these chews. The “base” is made from milk sugars, flavoring comes from fruit juices & purees, and mineral sea salts provide sodium and magnesium. As they say, this is “for the mission”.

What we love is the gummies are actually shaped like classic fast food (fries, burgers, pizza…).


  • Made from real food
  • Three (3) forms of carbohydrates
  • 25g of carbs/energy (per serv.)
  • 200mg sodium (per serv.)
  • A 100mg caffeinated option
  • Industry-leading time-released energy with no crash
  • Flavored & fortified naturally using fruit & mineral sea salts
  • Easy to chew and swallow

How to Use It:

You can consume 1 serving of Galacto-gummies 45 minutes before you start training + at the onset of training to bump up your body's glycogen stores and prep for a workout.

Start with 2-3 servings of Galacto-gummies per hour along with fluid (that puts you at 40-60g and 400-600mg of sodium per hr).

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