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Enervit Liquid Energy Gels

A carbohydrate-based product for endurance athletes. It’s a source of thiamine and contributes to energy yielding metabolism during intense physical activity. A simple blend of 2:1 Glucose to Fructose carbohydrates. They offer 30g of carbs.

As a liquid gel, this product has a unique consistency, landing in between a solid gel and an energy drink. It’s quite versatile to use and the pouch is resealable so you can take sips as needed. Easy to swallow and digest. Good energy boost and nice dose of caffeine. Good to take during training to prevent bonking. 

This product does contain caffeine, so it will affect athletes differently. For big coffee drinkers, taking two pouches in a row did not cause any issues. If you’re caffeine sensitive, take it slow and see how you do. 

The liquidy-ness of the gel makes it easy to take without losing power, so it’s great for time trials. However, the screw cap might not be ideal during competition as messing with it could slow you down. During a nice long ride or run it’s great because you can take half the product and save the other half for later.  

Enervit Carbo Gel C2:1

The new gel format by Enervit. This gel knocks it out of the park, as tested and confirmed by teams like UAE Emirates and Trek Segrefedo.

The development of this gel was born from the notion that endurance athletes are taking up to 90-120g/h of carbohydrates now... and current gels just aren't enough. Enervit Carbo Gel provides a full 40g of carbohydrates in a single 60 ml format.


  • High energy density, low product weight
  • Glucose: fructose ratio of 2:1 pushes carbohydrate barrier
  • 40g of carbs per gel
  • Only two sources of carbohydrates: maltodextrin and fructose
  • Balanced organoleptic profile, minimizing "taste fatigue"

This level of energy density was designed specifically for those athletes who are able and training to push their body to consume over 60g of carbohydrates per hour.


6x Enervit Gel Bundle

  • 3x Enervit C2:1PRO Carbo Gel (2x Citrus, 1x Lime)
  • 3x Enervit Liquid Gel (1x Citrus, 1x Orange, 1x Black Cherry)


15x Enervit Gel Bundle 

  • 6x Enervit C2:1PRO Carbo Gel (3x Citrus, 3x Lime)
  • 9x Enervit Liquid Gel (3x Citrus, 3x Orange, 3x Black Cherry)

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