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Enduro Bites




What we think

EnduroBites are a great alternative to mass-produced, generic bars. Tailored specifically to athletes, these bars are made in small batches with the highest-quality ingredients to ensure you’re getting high quality performance food. They are all natural, gluten-free, delicious and perfect for high-intensity training or racing. These fig-based bars pack of lot of nutrients, and the dark chocolate espresso flavor contains some added caffeine for an extra energy boost. Not to mention, each package contains two small 100-calories bites, making them easy to eat and ration. If you like the inside of Fig Newtons these will blow your mind.

Feed’s Fave: Lemon Cranberry

How We Use It

We like to use this product immediately before or during out workouts. You can eat the whole package 1-2 hours before a workout, or eat one bite every 30 minutes during a long training session. If you like fig newtons, you’ll love these Enduro Bites!

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