What we think

These are the perfect go-to snack for your runs, hikes or any outdoor adventure!

Don’t be fooled now… You can easily munch on these for hours non-stop. They’re THAT good. Bonus, these are Gluten Free, so you don’t need to worry about any stomach issues.

Packed with 140 calories and 20g of carbohydrates, these yummy stroopwafels will shock your taste buds. Not only does it taste good and is practically addictive, but it’s just the perfect pre-workout snack!

The trick is to warm it up over a steaming cup of coffee. If you do it that way, you’d be getting some good carbs and some caffeine for a real kick in the butt.

They’re Organic, Gluten Free, Kosher AND Vegan. See, that is tough to beat!

How We Use It:

Well, these can be your favorite snack or part of your fueling strategy! For fueling, we recommend 1-2 waffles as a pre-workout snack. You can also pop a couple waffles out for a quick carb source!

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