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What we think

Clif Shots are a longtime classic energy gel with an almost entirely organic profile.

They're scientifically formulated to get you quick energy when you need it most while retaining the ease of use you know from gels. These Shots have a thinner consistency than most their size, making them easier to get down during a hard run or ride.

Want flavor?

Clif is notorious for providing some of the tastiest flavors on the market across the board. You can't go wrong with Clif's 8 flavor offerings. They're all made with 90% organic ingredients to give you great tasting, clean burning energy.

They also come with a nifty little Litter Leash – Clif's proprietary method of keeping the tabs attached and reducing litter while we train.

Caffeinated options:

  • Strawberry and Citrus shots have 25 milligrams of caffeine
  • Mocha shots have 50 milligrams
  • Double Espresso shots have 100 milligrams.

When competing, we occasionally reach for the Double Espresso near the end of an event to give us that extra boost...it does the trick.

Feed’s Faves: Mocha

How to use them:

These Clif Shots are great for giving you fast absorbing carbohydrates to keep you from bonking during a hard training session or race. We recommend consuming one gel with plenty of water every 30-45 minutes during exercise lasting longer than 60 minutes, or if it's particularly tough.

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