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Have you ever noticed that breakfast is the hardest meal to get right? We’re either rushing out the door, grabbing a piece of fruit and a cup of coffee that keeps us starving till lunch or we go ‘all in’ big boy style with a heavy breakfast that slogs us down and makes us want to take a nap before we even get to the office. 

It’s really hard to find something that’s nutritious, quick n’ easy to put together, AND dense enough to keep you full till lunch but still light and energy-packed…  

This is why I’m super excited to announce the arrival of our newest breakfast product… 

BRAVE Overnight Breakfast Pouches

Seriously delicious, packed with clean protein, plant-based, and will keep you full ‘til lunch. 

Run by three brothers and a dad out of Brooklyn, NY, this small boutique brand pushes the boundaries on flavor and function. These are NOT your typical tiny sugar-laden instant oatmeal packs. They’re full of organic whole foods, like hemp seeds, rolled oats, chia seeds, nuts, and are sweetened with dates, dried fruits, and monk fruit. 

I love that you can mix them up the night before, let them do their magic in your fridge overnight, and in the morning you literally grab them out of the fridge and enjoy. Faster than pouring a bowl of cereal! 

At 450 clean calories, they really do stick with you (in a good way) all morning long, keeping you well-fueled and high functioning till lunch. 

Definitely one of our newest favorite breakfast options. Let me know if you love them as much we do! 

Four delicious flavors: 

Peanut Butter Banana 
That comforting peanut butter craving we all love is elevated to new heights with sweet bananas and tart strawberries, married with an unforgettable crunch of toasted pecans. 
Featuring peanut butter, sweet banana, tart strawberries, and toasted pecans. 

Apple Spice 
A classic flavor combination and lunchbox staple, one bite of Apple Spice and its subtle notes of fresh cinnamon and juicy apple will take you home. 
Apple slices, warm spices, sea salt 100% no BS


Mocha Chip
Rich java and cacao will perk up your senses. Maca and cinnamon will set them ablaze. Enjoy this decadent flavor and the mood-boosting benefits of the world’s most coveted superfoods. 
Featuring cacao, coffee, and fresh spices. 


Toasted Coconut Mango 
Creamy coconut combines with subtly sweet pineapples and mangos for a marriage of flavors normally reserved for sandy beaches and warm skies. 
Featuring toasted coconut, subtly sweet pineapples, and mangoes. 

Nutrition: 20 grams of protein, plant-based, high in omega-3

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