Limited Edition Bottle - 22oz


Limit 1 per customer

What we think

Because you can never have too many bottles.  Well...your significant other may disagree.  We're picky here at The Feed and want to always have the best gear.  Simply put the Specialized Purist bottles are just that.  The best!  The Purist technology shields the bottle from mold, bad taste, and staining.  Think as if you are drinking from a glass with all the benefits of a squeeze bottle.  Oh and that lid!  The lid has a MoFlo technology that even when left open doesn't spill.  We decided to make these bottles in a few fun colors so that you can be matchy matchy on the bike, run, or hike.

This bottle is a limited edition release for this year and is an essential in the quiver of gear at your house.  These special edition bottles come in amazing colors and two sizes.  Yes - we made big bottles!    Buy one....heck buy them all because once they are gone...they are gone!

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