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What we think

If you like the GU Energy Stroopwafel, then you'll love their newest product: The Boon Stroopwafel! GU tweaked their Stroopwafel formula to create Boon, an entirely organic and gluten-free version. The gluten-free flour blend includes five different ancient grains, including quinoa, amaranth, chia, buckwheat, and millet so you can get long lasting energy from high quality sources. 

The Boon Stroopwafel also includes other high quality ingredients like cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger. These spices not only provide delicious flavor, but have also been used for hundreds of years for their variety of health benefits. Made with organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients, Boon Stroopwafels are the perfect way to fuel before or during exercise, or even for a tasty mid afternoon snack!

How We Use It:
Boon Stroopwafels make the perfect pre-workout snack. We like to have ours with a cup of coffee. These are also a great source of easy to digest fuel to have during longer sessions.

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