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Getting tired of the same old protein bar? This new product from Bonk Breaker may be just what you need to switch it up! They contain a unique blend of pasture-raised collagen protein and grass fed whey protein to provide all of the protein you need with a low calorie, low carb twist.

Why collagen you ask? Collagen is a key ingredient that supports joint, ligament, and tendon health. Research has shown that collagen can lower your risk for injury and improve muscle building abilities. Grass Fed Whey is packed with all 9 essential amino acids you need from your diet, giving your muscles everything they need to repair and recover.

With 15 grams of protein and about 20 grams of carbohydrates per bar, these make a great on the go post-workout refueling option. They contain prebiotics to support gut health, are low in added sugars, and are GMO, sugar alcohol, and gluten free. These are real ingredient, nutritious bars you can feel good about fueling with!

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How We Use It

These are a great grab and go option to promote muscle repair and recovery. We like to take these with us to have after a hard ride, a long run, or just a long day in general. They help you meet your protein needs without overdoing it on the calories or carbs. That being said, these are better for post-workout due to their low carb content so if you’re looking for a pre-workout boost, we recommend the regular Bonk Breaker Bars for before and these quality protein bars for after!


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