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Biosteel Sports Recovery Protein Plus




What we think

BioSteel's Whey & Recovery Protein Powders are specially formulated to help your body build, restore, and maintain strength. However, they let you pick the right one for your preferences.

BioSteel is one of the only companies to offer such a wide variety of protein and recovery products. Ranging from Plant-Based Proteins (vegan) to just Whey Isolate, they provide 100% clean protein supplements for any lifestyle, training, or preferences.

Recovery Protein Plus

Recovery Protein Plus (RPP) provides more of a well-rounded recovery supplement after intense workouts by providing both clean protein and essential carbs, which as we know help to replenish vital glycogen (energy) stores and minimize muscle breakdown when your body needs it most.

What is the difference between Recovery Protein Plus and Whey Protein Isolate?

Recovery Protein Plus provides a combination of three sources of protein, along with carbohydrates, recovery factors and enzymes. It's the go-to product for post-workout recovery (especially our endurance crowd).

Whey Protein Isolate provides 28 g of protein per serving, from whey protein isolate and nothing else. It’s great as a simple stand-alone but even better with your daily shake of choice.

How to Use It:

Use this immediately post-workout to get the best out of your recovery period. With the addition of carbohydrates, this formula is ideal for glycogen replacement after endurance activities. 

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