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Biosteel Sports Beta Alanine


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What we think

BioSteel’s Beta-Alanine powder is the perfect addition to your workout routine.

With 1500 mg of pure beta-alanine per scoop, this powerful amino acid helps boost your work capacity, allowing your muscles to work harder and longer during intense exercise. We've talked about this supplement before and it's truly one of the few natural performance boosters.

This unflavored powder easily stacks in your shakes or your favorite BioSteel products, so you can build your own custom creations without compromising taste. With no added ingredients, you can be confident in the purity and effectiveness of every scoop. Take your workouts up a level.

How to Use It:

Beta Alanine should be used 30-45 minutes before exercise. It's recommended to take one scoop (5g) daily. Don't be afraid if you experience the tingles on your tongue!

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