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Biosteel Sports Creatine




What we think

Creatine is often seen as a "gym rat" supplement, but the science is proving it to be much more for athletes of all kinds.

 BioSteel’s Creatine powder contains 2500 mg of pure micronized creatine per scoop, with no additional ingredients. What's micronized you ask? To put it simply, it's a form of creatine that makes it super absorbable to the body.

Being that it's unflavored means it can easily be added to your shakes or other BioSteel products to create your own customized blend without sacrificing taste.

How to Use It:

Mix one scoop (5g) daily with 8-16oz of your choice of liquid. We love to just add it to our already habitual daily greens or post-workout shake.

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