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Biosteel Sports Fermented Glutamine




What we think

Packed with 5000mg of pure glutamine per serving (and no added ingredients), this powerful supplement from Biosteel helps with muscle cell repair after intense exercise, and supports your immune and digestive systems.

What is L-Glutamine?

Glutamine is a type of amino acid, which are essential molecules that serve various important functions in the body. One of their primary roles is to act as the building blocks for proteins, which are vital for growth, repair, and maintenance of different tissues in the body.

The type of glutamine that is commonly found in foods and supplements is called L-glutamine. You can imagine why supplementing this essential amino acid is key for athletes pushing their bodies more than the average person.

How to Use It:

Mix one scoop (5g) daily with 8-16oz of your choice of liquid. We love to just add it to our already habitual daily greens or post-workout shake.

Simply add this unflavored powder to your shakes or your favorite BioSteel products to create your own custom blend, without compromising taste.

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