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Biosense Breath Ketone Monitoring System



What we think

If you’ve been intermittent fasting and/or eating a low carb diet to get into ketosis, what you really want to know is: how far into ketosis am I and how did my last snack or meal affect my status? How many hours of fasting does it really take to get me into high fat burning mode? 

The Ketogenic Game Changer 

Imagine if you could measure your ketones an unlimited amount of times throughout the day with near-gold standard accuracy and no finger pricks! How much more would that guide your daily nutritional goals?

Now imagine if those results were instantaneously uploaded to a smartphone app via your blue tooth device, where they were computed and optimized for you, so you could determine EXACTLY what foods are wrecking your results, EXACTLY how many fasting hours it takes to get you into high ketosis and EXACTLY what needs to be tweaked in order to reach your personal ketogenic goals? Can you imagine? 

If you’ve been intermittent fasting and/or eating low carb to get into ketosis, you’ve pretty much had to cross (or prick) your fingers that your methods are working. 

What're we getting at?

Every couple of years a new product shows up on the sports nutrition scene that completely revolutionizes what we think is possible. 

The latest gadget making waves is a ketogenic game changer, not only for dedicated athletes, but for anyone who’s serious about getting into ketosis, whether it’s for weight loss, longevity, mental clarity or performance goals.   


As the first clinically backed, non-invasive and highly accurate breath ketone monitor, Biosense has cracked the code on how to measure ketones through breath samples and is reliable enough to be compared to the gold standard of blood measurements. 

For us die hard keto enthusiasts (and the keto curious) This. Is. Huge. 

Why not just pee on a stick or get a prick? 

Sure, urine strips give you a (very simplified) ketosis range and they’re dirt cheap. For basic and beginner keto dieters, that might be okay…

But, if you’re serious about your ketosis progress, you need multiple, highly accurate readouts throughout the day and urine strips definitely won’t cut it. 

The other option (until now) is blood readings. Definitely more accurate than urine, they work out to be pretty expensive at $1 per test. With multiple tests needing done throughout the day (i.e. multiple pricks) to get full spectrum measurements, I'm going to say "no thank you".

Even if I did decide to draw my blood over and over, those  measures would still be missing the advanced technology to graph everything out for me.  

The Science Behind The Magic

BioSense uses a patent-pending, closed flow cell technology that only opens and captures the last 5% of your breath. This process, known as deep lung sampling, provides accurate and reproducible measurements by correcting natural variations in exhalation time and lung capacity of individual people. 

Similar to glucose, ketone levels are highly variable throughout the day, requiring multiple daily measurements to obtain an accurate picture of a person's metabolic state.

This precise technology provides near-instantaneous feedback, on a scale from 0-40, highlighting everything from light to advanced to deep ketosis.

 Why Track Ketones? 

There are quite a few situations in which tracking ketones can be really useful. They are:

1.) Low carb diets (paleo, keto, etc) dieters or keto lifestyle for weight loss or management – low carb/high fat (interestingly, all diets, not just keto, put you into a state of fat burn (ketosis).

2.) Longevity/healthspan focused biohackers (typically those of us edging upwards of 40 and older- but this spills over to performance athletes also). Generally healthy, happy folks that want to live, well, forever (#goals)

3.) Intermittent fasting – eat what you want but in a time restricted window (12-6pm, for example). There is new evidence that indicates a level of ketosis (not hours) is the target for primary health benefits. Longevity and fasting go hand in hand.🤝

4.) Chronic disease – Epilepsy and autism have been treated with ketosis for decades. Type 2 diabetes can now be reversed with the ketogenic diet. There is early, but solid evidence that ketosis has a strong impact on neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and cancer (where cancer cells need glucose).

5.) Performance athlete – anyone looking to improve body composition, stabilize blood-glucose levels, become more metabolically flexible, and improve mental acuity. At The Feed, we use ketosis as a performance hack to kickstart our winter base training.

We love the mental clarity that comes with being in nutritional ketosis. Shedding some extra winter (or quarantine) weight is an added benefit of achieving ketosis through morning fasting or low carb eating. 

Now you can track ketones with multiple real-time readings, calculate time in fat-burning state and adjust your diet accordingly. It's much more motivating to stay the course when you can literally see your progress. We love it when we get 'in the green' (advanced ketosis) and even turn it into a fun competition at The Feed to see who can stay there the longest!

Excited to learn how the ketogenic diet can improve your body composition, metabolic health, mental acuity, and more? Until now, the thought of daily finger pricks and/or less than reliable breath ketone meters didn’t encourage the keto curious with open arms. Biosense is the first clinically backed, non-invasive, highly accurate breath ketone monitor to hit the market. Similar to glucose, ketone levels are highly variable throughout the day, requiring multiple daily measurements to obtain an accurate picture of an individual’s metabolic state.

Listen to the Feed Podcast on Biosense: 


Included with each Biosense Device:

  • Bluetooth enabled Biosense Device with unlimited testing
  • Micro USB Charging Cable

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