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If you’ve ever been to Europe, this Stroopwafel will give you some unavoidable nostalgia.

If you’re looking for a yummy midday indulgence, Belgian Boys’ Stroolwafel is just for you. These wafels come in a perfect size to fit anywhere in your bag, car, pockets or purse!

Don’t be fooled… 5+ of these can be eaten in less than an hour. That’s how yummy they are! You can have them anytime of the day, whether you’re looking for a quick munch session, intra-workout energy, or a post-workout treat! 

Here’s what to expect when you bite into one...

A bite of this perfect concoction gives you a chewy and crunchy waffle texture that is filled with luscious caramel. It’s sweet, has the perfect texture and most importantly, super satisfying. 

Pro Tip: Have some of these wafels with your afternoon espresso for a quick pick me up!

How We Use It:

Oh the scenarios are endless… Pre workout treat, post workout treat, afternoon snack or midnight snack, this Stroopwafel will fulfil your sweet tooth and energy needs!

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