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A European classic! 

Imagine this perfect combination.... a crunchy butter cookie that is covered in rich Belgian chocolate. Made in France with real sugar and butter, this dedicant treat is perfect for satisfying your chocolate cravings! 

Perfect for social events, midnight snacking or even as a pre-workout snack, these chocolate covered cookie bars will give your taste buds a nice treat. I promise you, they will never forget that satisfying combination of buttery cookie and chocolate!

Legend says… He ate an entire bag in one day. With no regrets. That’s how yummy these are!

Each bar is individually wrapped with fun messages on each cookie. This makes them easy to carry around anywhere you go, and share a good time with your friends! This yummy treat is super satisfying, especially as a post-workout snack.

Use these cookie bars with some marshmallows for the perfect s'mores! Even on a cold day.

How We Use It:

We always like to keep a bag of these in hand! They’re perfect for pre-workout or even intra-workout snacking. Not to mention, your friends will thank you for introducing them to this European classic.

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